Solar Panel Installer Gold Coast

Do you live on the Gold Coast? Are you cheesed off with increasing electric bills? Looking for a cheap, eco-friendly solution? Well look no further, Solar Energy is the answer!

At Easy Solar Energy, we specialise in complete solar energy solutions for homes and businesses across South East Queensland, including the Gold Coast. With decades of experience within our team and a large range of installs behind us from houses to large businesses, we have built a reputation as the Gold Coasts go to solar energy installation specialists. Give us a call today on 1300 882 227 to find out why we are recommended by our customers.

The Gold Coast isn’t just called that for inflated prices and services, it also gets regular sunshine. This free energy can be easily converted into electricity to power your home or business. Being one of Australia’s premier tourist destinations means it has a plethora of tourist accommodation. Do you own a guest house, small hotel or B&B? You are already aware of the huge electric bills you get after guests have been in your property after cranking up the air con to maximum, 24/7. Imagine if that bill was drastically reduced, even more or less done away with! With a solar panel installation, you can take advantage of the sun’s rays to produce enough electricity to host your property for free. Just imagine, after the initial layout for the solar installation the rest is plain sailing. But you might say, ‘I can’t afford a solar panel installation right now’. Our reply is ‘How can you afford not to have a solar installation right now?!’ You may be surprised at how affordable a solar panel installation is and if you can’t afford it then we offer a very competitive finance arrangement, so you can get it now and sit back and watch it pay for itself within a couple of years or less, depending on how much energy you use. Interested? Give Easy Solar Energy a call today on and one of our friendly team will help you to see if solar energy is the way forward for your property.

We will come to you and inspect your property for free and give you straightforward and honest advice as to the best possible solution to ensure you save money in the long run. Don’t believe us? Just have a look at all our satisfied customer reviews. In a business full of fly by nighters and cowboys we haven’t come this far and operated for this long without knowing how to treat our customers. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and go that extra mile to ensure our customers get the best quality service available. Don’t get left in the dark, which sadly is often the reason for us being called in. Many shady installers have installed dodgy panels and isolators over the years, feeding off the booming tourism and property growth. This has led to fires and other problems which we are all hearing more frequently in the news. It’s not worth trying to get a solar installation done on the cheap because in the long run it will cost you more. If you want a reputable firm with a long list of satisfied customers we are available to meet with you and dicuss your needs when it you. So contact us today and start saving.

How Does It Work?

In layman’s terms, solar power converts the sun’s rays into electricity that can be used to power your lights, air con, heated pool or any other electrical appliance, so saving you thousands off your electricity bill and also reducing carbon emissions which helps contribute to keeping our planet healthy.

Did you know that according to the Guardian newspaper as of 2018, Australia’s carbon emissions were the highest on record?

When we think of carbon emissions you probably think straight away of cars and exhaust pollution, surprisingly the largest source of carbon emissions is electricity. Global warming is not just a thing of the future, or something to worry about for the next generation. We are seeing the effects of it starting to invade into our everyday lives with the increase of storms and other inclement weather that seems to be striking the Gold Coast with alarming regularity. Sadly, it’s an issue that isn’t going away and one that we can’t ignore anymore.

According to the latest report by the Department of the Environment and Energy ‘Investment in rooftop solar and wind have helped push down emissions from the energy sector by 2.8 per cent on the previous year.’

That might not seem a lot but that’s more than the annual growth rate of electricity usage. This means that renewable energy is winning the battle against pollution and carbon dioxide emissions. If you are interested in doing your bit to reduce global warming and save money then give one of our representatives at Easy Solar Energy a call today on to discuss an affordable Solar panel installation. If you would like a quote from the best solar panel installers in Brisbane, don't hesitate in giving us a call today!

Can I Make Some Money Back From My Solar Power Installation?

The Government are constantly changing the goalposts regarding power rebates and incentives, but the quick answer is yes.

The Government currently offers a few incentives such as the Small scale technology certificates (STCs) scheme. This allows households and small businesses in Australia to receive help with the purchase cost of a solar installation. The STCs have a value that can be redeemed by assigning or by selling them. The number of certificates depends on how much renewable energy the system produces and the climate of the installation region.

Easy Solar Energy has taken care of all the hard work and will advise you on how much savings you can get when you sign up for the installation.

Many electricity retailers such as Ergon and Urth pay for surplus solar power that is sent back to the grid. To find out if you live in an eligible region then it is best to contact your energy supplier. This page has some good information regarding Queensland feed-in tariffs

For the full run down on savings and rebates you may be entitled to when you install solar panels just give us a ring and we will happily talk you through it.

Which Energy Retailer Is The Best For A Solar Power Installation?

Due to the Queensland authorities recently stopping the feed-in schemes and passing the buck directly to the electricity retailers, this is good question.

Retailers change with the wind as you know, but at the moment Urth Energy is currently paying the most for your surplus energy production. They currently pay up to $0.10c per kWh for surplus energy via the net feed-in tariff.

It doesn’t seem like much but with electricity prices constantly rising then when you add that to the huge savings you will already make on your electric bill then it’s a no brainer.

Here is a really useful electricity retailer compare tool, so you can check for yourself as to who will be the best retailer for your solar power installation.

The Government is really trying to push solar energy and incentives will probably increase as more pressure is being put on them to reduce carbon emissions. There are different options to pay for your solar power install such as, solar power purchase agreements and solar loans. At Easy Solar Energy we try to do our bit to help save our planet by keeping costs down as much as possible. We are up to date with all the Government schemes and incentives and often receive rebates which we pass on to our customers as a point of sale discount. We also offer finance so you can go ahead and install your solar panels right away and make the most of the rebates and savings currently available.

We are currently installing solar panels all over the Gold Coast region (you might even have seen one of our vans about). So if you live in Bundall, Labrador, Broadbeach Waters, Biggera Waters, Tallai, Robina, Helensvale, Molendinar, Bethania, Merrimac, Southport, Benowa, Worongary, Main Beach, Oxenford, Mudgeeraba, Elanora or Coombabah, Easy Solar Energy is only a phone call away. We are here to answer any questions you have and to provide a free no-obligation quote. If you’d like to know if a solar panel installation is feasible for you then call us today on 1300 882 227. We guarantee you won’t regret it.