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Four Ways That Solar Will Benefit You

Home In South Brisbane With Solar Panels

1. Reduced Spending on Power Bills

The wholesale rate of electricity has increased recently; this has led to energy retailers paying increasingly more per kilowatt for your power. On the 1st of July 2023 the cost of power to the end user increased as much as 30%.

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2. Supporting clean energy

Solar power is a renewable and clean energy source. It reduces dependency on traditional power-generating technologies that pollute the environment. Easy Solar Energy provide Inexpensive Power Stations that Minimise Electricity Spending Fast!

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Solar Power System With STC Approval In Brisbane

3. Rebates available

Small Scale Technology Certificates (STC's) & Large Scale Technology Certificates (LGC's) are available to be claimed on all new or replacement systems presently.

The government contributions toward your system can be in the many thousands of dollars.

Example: Presently, a 6.6KW Solar PV System attracts 66 STC's in South East Queensland and each STC is valued at $39.30, which means that a contribution of $2,593.80 can be subtracted from your out of pocket spend when purchasing.

Please Note: The number of STC's & LGC's that are allocated to every 1KW of Solar Array changes/reduces on the 1st of January every year. The price of each STC/LGC can change on a daily basis. Presently a 1KW array of Solar attracts 9 STC's. As of 4th April 2024, each STC is worth $39.30.

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4. Battery storage

Beginning the 1st of July 2023, Electricity Retailers have started introducing "Demand Charges". This charge enables them to add extra cost to the price of each kilowatt consumed. Typically, about $0.16 cents is added to the price of each kilowatt consumed which increases the price of each kilowatt to nearly $0.50 cents!

Installing Batteries along with your Solar PV System help to negate these exorbitant costs.

Battery technology has improved greatly recently. Technologies that manage the rate of Charging and Discharging of batteries means overheating and fire risks are eliminated. Also, the management systems within the battery systems enable the user to make the most of their solar & energy consumptions. Eliminating the spend that you give to your retailer.

These are just some of the benefits of residential solar & battery systems, there are other advantages.

Easy Solar Energy can help you to Minimise Your Electricity Spending Fast, make contact with us now and we will help you to keep your energy dollars in your pocket.

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Some of the services we offer

  • Home Energy Assessments

  • Business Energy Assessments

  • Energy Storage Systems

  • Hybrid Solar Energy Storage Systems

  • AC Coupled Energy Storage.

  • Solar PV System Maintenance & Cleaning.

  • Solar PV & Battery System Assessments

  • Vermin Proofing - Solar Webbing

  • Easy Solar Panel Installer Gold Coast

  • Easy Solar Panel Installer Brisbane

Understand that any money you are currently spending can be redirected to paying for your own Solar PV & Battery Power Station!

Finance options are available also, so you don’t have to pay out a big sum right now. You just might be able to sit back and reap savings immediately. Solar energy savings are well documented and as electricity prices continue to rise, Solar and Battery Systems can pay for themselves in just 3 to 5 years, after that it’s plain saving all the way.

Solar Panels Can Help You Slash Your Electricity Bills

The benefits of a Solar PV & Batteries are being talked about daily now because they are an asset that increases the value of your home & business; enables retention of monies that can be used in other essential areas. The return on investment can be as much as 40% per annum - Better than leaving your money in the bank!

According to the Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator, Australia has the highest uptake of household solar in the world. Rooftop solar has become a crucial part of Australia's renewable energy.

Why Rely On Solar Power In Brisbane?

1. Consumers can claim about 30% of the cost of a Solar System via the STC's that are claimed.

2. Savings in the first year can be as much as 30% of the cost of a Solar System.

Responsible, Smart Spending

Thats as much as 60% return on investment in the first year!

If the purchase of a Solar System is for business? It may be possible to claim Instant Asset Write Off? This would mean as much as 75% return on investment in the first year!

Off-Grid Power

Increasing bad weather has been causing havoc in Australia recently; violent storms and flooding have caused many power shortages and blackouts. Running solar panels in tandem with battery storage provides the advantage of having self-sustainable power during a blackout and also allows solar energy to be used at night time – often the peak energy use for Australian families.

Living close to the coast is great in the summer and also presents challenges, mainly inclement weather: Don’t get stranded without electricity, which years ago was a bad thing but nowadays can be catastrophic. No work, food going off, no mobile devices or internet! Aaaarrrggggh!!

There are many solutions that can be implemented. So, contact Easy Solar Energy today to find out just how affordable a Solar PV and/or Battery System Installation can be.

Positive reviews and years of experience can mean that your next energy step could be the best energy step you could take.

Experience the Difference with Easy Solar Energy.

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Solar PV & Battery System Cleaning & Maintenance

After installing a Solar System, most people forget to think about what needs to be done on as annual basis to ensure that their system continues to operate optimally!

Solar PV manufacturers often require that panels be cleaned and maintained to fulfil warranty requirements. Annual inspections and cleaning ensures that anything that stops light from getting to a cell is removed. If this isn't done, it could mean that hotspots and other anomalies can develop that create electrical inefficiencies which impedes production and can lead to cell failures that shorten Solar Panel life.

Vermin (Birds, Snakes, Rats, Possums etc.) can wreck havoc on your solar system. Their excrement can destroy cabling and connections and attract other unwanted pests and insects.

Solar PV System Reports can detail anything that might stop you from making the most of your solar investment. We can identify unseen anomalies using Thermography and help you to get the most from your Solar System.

Easy Solar Energy are locally owned and operated and we are Insured, Solar PV Professionals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Solar Panels Work?

Solar PV Modules are comprised of an array of Photo Voltaic panels that produce a DC current when presented to the Sun's rays/light. When the Sun's light is received by the Photo Voltaic Cells they create a Direct Current (DC) that is then delivered to the Inverter. The Inverter then converts the Direct Current to an Alternating Current (AC). This Alternating Current is then available to be consumed by the dwelling.

Are Solar Panels Reliable?

Yes. Nearly all Solar PV Modules will produce power for many years. Just how efficient they are at achieving this is variable. Easy Solar Energy will help you take the guesswork out of this choice process.

Solar PV Modules have been around for more than 40 years. It is the most economical form of energy that can be employed for nearly all homes and businesses. It is the best choice for lowering Power Bills and the only choice for a cleaner environment in the future.

How Much Will Solar Panels Save On My Electricity Bill?

In Queensland, it is estimated that the minimum production for a 1KW (Kilowatt) array of Solar PV Modules is 4.2 Kilowatts per day. If we assume that you pay $0.24 cents + GST per Kilowatt, this means that a 1KW array would produce $19.4 cents of power every day of the year.

If you have a 5KW System: 4.2KW x 5 = 21KW per day production. 21KW x 365 Days = 7,669KW per year. If you were to consume all of this power you would save 7,669KW x $0.24 cents = $1,840.00 + GST per year saving.

If you have a 10KW System: 4.2KW x 10 = 42KW per day production. 42KW x 365 Days = 15,338KW per year. If you were to consume all of this power you would save 15,338KW x $0.24 cents = $3,679.20 + GST per year saving.

Etc . . .

Solar Modules start generating usable energy the day they are installed, so you should see a drastic drop in your next electricity bill.

If this is a little confusing? Phone us and we will help you do your maths.

Are Solar Panels difficult to maintain?

No. They only need to be kept clean. They are extremely easy to maintain, they just need to be kept free of dust, leaves and other debris. Due to the fact that they have no moving parts, they will last for a long time. Most manufacturer’s offer at least a 20-30 year warranty and the newer panels come with a 25 year plus warranty.

How Long Does It Take To Install Solar Panels?

Good question and one that all our clients want to know.

It depends on the size and scale of your installation, but we are usually finished the same day.

Are there different types of solar panels/modules?

The simple answer is yes. All solar panels have different characteristics, mainly due to their nominal operating cell temperature, or NOCT for short. This is basically the running temperature. Quality solar panels usually run at 47 degrees Celsius or lower. The cooler the panel the more efficient it is.

Warranties differ depending on which panel you choose as well. Generally, they have warranties of at least 25 years and higher quality ones have even longer warranties. There is a lot more to consider such as solar panel temperature coefficients, tolerance and performance deviation.

Easy Solar Energy has done the hard work for you, with years of experience, we only use quality solar panels/modules that are tried and tested to provide the best service to the customer. If, however you have done your homework and have your mind set on a particular module, then we can provide that module for you.

For more information or to have your questions answered give one of our friendly team a call today on 1300 882 227 and we will put your mind at rest.

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