Solar Panel Installer Brisbane

Searching for a solar panel installer in Brisbane? Look no further, Easy Solar Energy does what it says on the tin. We provide easy solar solutions to homes and businesses in the Brisbane area. We have decades of experience amongst our professional team, utilising high-quality components, so you can rest assured there is no other company in the area with the know-how, expertise and runs on the board. To find out more or for a FREE quote, give us a call today on 1300 882 227 to speak to the leading Solar Panels Installers Brisbane!

Easy Solar Energy has built up a fine reputation over the years as one of Brisbane’s top solar panel installers, but with all the competition you may wonder which firm is the right one for you. Well, just look at all our positive reviews from our satisfied customers and the numerous referrals we get on a regular basis. Add on top of that, the fact that you can’t stay in a competitive business such as ours for 40 years without having great customer service, affordable prices and a first class team and you can be sure that we are the right choice when it comes to solar panel installation in the Brisbane area.

Why choose Easy Solar Energy?

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, we have supply contacts that go back for decades, so they are reliable and consistent. Due to our years in the industry we have managed to build up a good reputation with suppliers and can get great discounts. We pass these discounts on to our customers, never scrimping on quality, but always offering the best deal possible. We know which panels are the best, which are the most efficient, the ones that last, the ones that can handle the harsh weather that Brisbane can throw at them and the ones that can’t. This is all borne out in the fact that our customers keep on recommending us to their friends which has helped us to build up our business into what it is today. One of, if not Brisbane’s leading Solar Energy specialists.

Give us a call today on 1300 882 227 to find out how affordable and easy a solar panel installation can be on your property.

Beware of fly-by-night installers! Recent spates of fires caused by faulty parts such as isolators have caused a lot of damage and heartache in Brisbane homes. In particular, were Avanco and PV Power-branded DC isolators. It might be worth having a quick look at your isolator and check the brand that you have. If it is one of these then we recommend you undertake the isolation procedure and call an electrician as soon as possible.

According to a recent report, a fifth of all rooftop solar panels in the Brisbane area were unsafe, sparking warnings of potential deaths. At Easy Solar Energy we take the safety of our customers and staff very seriously. Of course, we will never knowingly install faulty equipment, but even if we become aware that a certain part is known to have problems after installation then we will come out and replace it for free without the need for you to complain. We keep extensive records so we will contact you, probably before you even hear of any warnings.

The rise in popularity of solar energy has led to an increase in inexperienced and unscrupulous workers. Don’t put lives at risk by thinking you are saving a few dollars with a dodgy firm. Use a reputable company who has years of documented installations and a lot of positive genuine reviews.

With decades of work behind us and a score of satisfied customers, you can trust Easy Solar Energy, a local firm with a solid reputation for diligent and conscientious work.

What solar power systems do we use?

We use a range of panel suppliers dependant on which type of property we are installing on. We only use top companies such as LG, Jinko Solar, Sunpower, Trinasolar, REC solar and Talesun. Over the years we have managed to narrow down the plethora of solar panel products to a few tried and tested ones. We know which solar panel is the best for each type of property in Brisbane, because not only do we have the runs on the board but we are locally based so know all about the different conditions that Brisbane homes and businesses are put under and so can tailor make a solar installation for each customer, utilizing our wealth of experience to ensure you get the best solar panel solution possible.

Electricity prices are estimated to rise by 40% in 12 months and another 8-15% every year thereafter. That can be a huge increase on an average family bill and can be make or break for companies, especially those of us who are trying to make every cent count in these hard times. Solar power not only eliminates those expenses but also generates money by feeding power back into the grid. It’s a no-lose situation which is why more and more homes and businesses in the Brisbane area are switching to solar power.

According to one source, solar power system owners in Brisbane postcode 4001 are generating an average of 564kWh daily, which leads to collective savings of $5073 per month and $61723 per year.

Interestingly, according to an Australian Renewable Energy Agency report from 2013, the ‘Australian continent has the highest solar radiation per square metre of any continent.’ It goes on to say, ‘...if only 0.1 per cent of the incoming radiation could be converted into usable energy at an efficiency of 10 per cent, all of Australia’s energy needs could be supplied by solar energy.’

A recent article in the Brisbane Times states, ‘Queensland will have 2164 megawatts of renewable energy ready by mid-2019, equivalent to 21 per cent of its total energy production, Energy Minister Dr Anthony Lynham said on Wednesday. According to the Clean Energy Council, that level of renewable energy would power more than 800,000 Queensland homes.’

That’s an incredible statistic; Queensland isn’t called the sunshine state for nothing! Isn’t it time you put some of that free energy to use in your property?

The Australian Government is making huge steps towards solar energy. They say that Gladstone Power Station, Queensland’s largest power plant will close in about 10 years. Soon it might become compulsory to have solar power installed, you can bet if it does then installation prices will soar. Don’t get left behind, call us today on and join the rest of Brisbane’s growing solar energy population.

Where Do We Install Solar Energy?

Easy Solar Energy covers the whole of the Brisbane area including the Central Business District to suburbs such as, Forest Lake, Sunnybank, Bald Hills, Rocklea, Bracken Ridge, Gordon Park, Springfield Central,Fortitude Valley, Herston, Highgate, Kangaroo Point, Kelvin Grove, Northgate, Nudgee, Nudgee Beach, Nundah, Holland Park, Inala, Karawatha, Kuraby, Larapinta, MacGregor, Mackenzie, Norman Park, Port of Brisbane, Ransome, Seven Hills, Tingalpa, Wakerley, Seventeen Mile Rocks, Sherwood, Sinnamon Park, St Lucia, Taringa and Toowong. We are a local firm, so we know Brisbane like the back of our hand, wherever you are, one of our technicians will reach you. For a free, quick and stress-free quote give us a call today on and one of our friendly team will talk you through the installation process and answer any questions you might have.